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Hello everybody and welcome to my website, Kitchen Buying Guides! I am Phil, the creator of this website and I want to tell you a little bit of background on me, my website, and why I’m here.


A Little Background On Me

I was born and raised in the good old state of Indiana, USA were the corn fields are aplenty and I have always loved food, whether I’m cooking it or I’m eating it, food has always been a big part of my life as I imagine it has for many people. I mean who doesn’t like to eat, am I right?

I have always loved home cooked meals. Growing up, my grandma would always cook me meals and I was always so excited by it, from the sizzle of the pan to boiling of the water. Those home cooked meals are always just so much better than fast food, don’t you think? Maybe it’s just because I grew up on home cooking my whole life and now I cook my own meals but you can’t beat it, well unless you burn it.


Why Am I Here?

Food has always been important to me because it is a way that I can be really creative and I can share it with my loved ones for them to enjoy too, to bring everyone together at the dinner table, and just enjoy each others’ company. Cooking and food is just something that everyone on this planet understands and everyone can enjoy too.

Now I’m not saying I’m the best cook, not even close but I am a man who loves his food and I’d love to help you love yours too!


Enjoy Your Food

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your life is just eating food? It is really crazy to think about and that’s not even involving all the cooking to make that food… So whether or not you put much thought into eating, it takes up a large spot in your life! The point I’m trying to get at is that if it is such a big part of our lives then why not try to make that easier, quicker, more fun.

Just like you can’t fix your car without the right tools, you can’t cook a good meal without the right tools for the job either. The actual cooking is just part of the battle.

That is why I started this website, in order to help make it easier for people to make the best food they can and make it as easy as possible, by arming them with knowledge of the best appliances and kitchen utensils I can find on the internet. That way they can spend less time searching, less time cooking, and more time enjoying a nice home cooked meal with their families.


If you have any questions or ever need a hand with anything please feel free to reach out to me in the comments below and I’d be more than happy to help out any way I can.

All the best,


Founder of Kitchen Buying Guides

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